We're making this birthday party something to remember, and to do that we need your help! If you use Django or are part of the Django community please consider sponsoring.

Questions about sponsorship? Contact Frank Wiles for more information.

Sponsorship Levels

All sponsorship levels include logo on the website and on event materials. Additional benefits are included with each category.

Travel Sponsors - $$$

We want speakers and attendees from all parts of the Django community and to help make that happen we're raising money to cover travel costs for as many people as possible. We'll work out additional benefits for these sponsors directly.

Video Sponsors - $2500

Video taping and production costs for an event like this aren't cheap. Depending on interest level this may be a single sponsorship or shared among a handful of sponsors. You will get prominent placement during the event, on the website, and during the pre-roll and credits of the videos which will live online long after the event is over.

Includes 4 free tickets to the event and a manicure by none other than Jacob Kaplan-Moss or dinner with us at 715 Restaurant the night before the event whichever you prefer.

Lunch Sponsor - $750

Since this will be the first, and quite likely only, trip to Kansas many of our attendees will make we have to get them some KC BBQ. So the plan is to get Oklahoma Joe's to cater the event, Anthony Bourdain listed Joe's one of the top places you have to eat before you die. Includes one free ticket to the event.

Speakers Sponsors - $500

Sponsor one of our great speakers. Includes 2 free tickets to the event.

Coffee Sponsor - $250 - Limit of 2 spots

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon geek fuel. Includes one free ticket.

After Party Sponsor - $1500

Pending some permit approvals we have planned a fun after party. We can discuss details about it if you're interested until we have all of our ducks in a row and can announce it.

Prominent promotion at the after party and 2 free tickets.

Birthday Cake Sponsor - (Lincoln Loop)

A birthday party isn't really a birthday party without a cake right? Let's get an awesome one. However we have had to promise that we will not put any Ponies on it. Includes a free ticket to the event and a piece of cake.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments don't hesitate to contact Frank Wiles for more information.