Who's speaking at Django Birthday?

Jacob Kaplan-Moss

In 2005 Jacob joined the Lawrence Journal-World, a locally-owned newspaper in Lawrence, Kansas, and helped develop and eventually open source Django. He later founded the Django Software Foundation Today, Jacob is the Director of Security at Heroku, and a Partner at Revolution Systems.

Talk: 9:00 AM โ€“ Opening Address

Marc Tamlyn

Marc is a part of the Django core team. He's partially responsible for contrib.postgres, the Django: Under the Hood conference, ccbv.co.uk and bringing small children to Django conferences in Europe. He's the lead developer at photocrowd.com, based in Oxford, UK.

Talk: Development Milestones: 1.0 Onwards

Eric Holscher

Eric Holscher is a founder of both Read the Docs, and Write the Docs. When he isn't helping improve the documentation world, he's out in the woods somewhere.

Talk: Documentation as Empathy

James Turk

We have been with Sunlight Foundation for 8 years. When we started, Sunlight's web properties were built with PHP and Drupal. We transitioned the organization to Python and Django (0.96) and participated in the Django 1.0 sprint in DC.

Talk: Django Built a Nonprofit

Jeremy Carbaugh

I am a senior developer at Sunlight Foundation, focusing on web and iOS development. Prior to joining Sunlight, I worked as a government contractor developing software for the likes of the IRS, FBI and Treasury.

Talk: Django Built a Nonprofit

Kenneth Love

I'm the Python teacher for Treehouse where I get to teach thousands of people about Python, Flask, and Django through videos, quizzes, and code challenges. I've also done technical editing for a few different Python and Django books. I also did my own videos about Django years ago and created the django-braces package to help people with their class-based generic views.

Talk: Give a Python a Pony

Lacey Williams Henschel

Lacey is a senior software developer for the University of Texas at Austin, but she telecommutes from Portland, OR. She's the co-organizer of Django Girls Portland and Django Girls Austin (happening at DjangoCon), and the Diversity Chair and Financial Aid Chair for DjangoCon US. She recently wrote an article for Model View Culture on making tech events more accessible to people with disabilities. In her spare time, she's a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters, serves on the technical board of Project Callisto, and tries desperately to develop a green thumb.

Talk: A More Accessible Django Girls

Craig Bruce

Following his PhD from the University of Nottingham in Cheminformatics Craig moved to AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals as a Scientific Computing Specialist. He took a Django project used by chemists worldwide and transplanted it into a highly available cluster, upgrading every hardware and software component along the way. Since then he moved to Santa Fe, NM to work on the scientific cloud offerings at OpenEye Scientific Software, which are also written in Django and hosted completely on Amazon Web Services.

Talk: How Django Is Good For Your Health

Andrew Godwin

Django core developer, backend engineer, occasional game developer, cheese appreciator, archer and pilot. The chances of finding him at a Django event are relatively high.

Talk: Django: The Conspiracy

Ola Sitarska

Ola Sitarska is a Django Developer at Potato. She started working with Django 6 years ago, when she discovered the power of Django admin and quickly fell in love with the beauty of Python. Last year, Ola started Django Girls, an initiative to inspire more women to become programmers. Together with Ola Sendecka, she also co-authored the Django Girls Tutorial, which has been visited by more than 30.000 people so far. She is also a member of the Django Core Team, and part of the team responsible for the shipping of djangoproject.com redesign. In 2015, she became a Django Software Foundation board member. Ola is also known as A Person With The Django Circus Ideaโ„ข. Her superpower is unstoppable enthusiasm.

Talk: Snakes, Ponies and Balloons: Stories of Teaching Django to Thousands of Women

David Ryan

David had the pleasure of being a web designer at LJWorld.com when Django was created. Prior to working for LJWorld.com, he was in the Ph.D. program at the University of Kansas focusing on Herman Melville and 19th-century American literature. In August heโ€™ll be moving to Chengdu, China, to teach English and, ideally, to hang out with Pandas and feed them bamboo.

Talk: Born in (the) #LFK

Mikeal Rogers

JS Community Organizer

Talk: Open Source Community Organizing

Alex Gaynor

I'm an emeritus Django core developer and former DSF director. I'm a software engineer for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and a director of the Python Software Foundation. I live in Washington D.C.

Talk: 7 Years With Django: To Core Developer and Back

Andrea Gonzalez

โ€‹Django Developer and Django Girls organizer. In love with Python. Geeks out on life. Other interests include sunsets, time travel, photography and regular travel. Currently resides in the delightful city of Tijuana, Baja California.

Talk: The Mysterious Django Community in Mexico

Simon Willison

Simon Willison runs the software architecture team at Eventbrite. Prior to that he was the co-founder of Lanyrd.com, a Y Combinator funded company which helps people find conferences, user groups and other knowledge-sharing events to attend or speak at. He has previously worked in London for the Guardian and Yahoo!. Simon is a co-creator of the Django Web Framework.

Talk: Some Things I've Made With Django

Adrian Holovaty

Adrian is co-creator and former co-BDFL of Django. He was working as lead developer at World Online when the team decided to open-source their homegrown collection of web development tools. These days he's making Soundslice.

Talk: Django Regrets

Frank Wiles

Frank Wiles believes technology should make our lives easier, not more complicated. He started Revolution Systems to help businesses take full advantage of all the benefits of the Open Source Software revolution. His experience has made him the go-to source for building applications, systems, and processes that show how software can be easy, robust and affordable.

Talk: 4:50 PM โ€“ Closing Address